About With A Mentor by NextGen

“My view is that AmCham can play a major role to foster innovation through a reinforced collaboration between corporationsand entrepreneurs. That is why we need to attract more young talents and more entrepreneurs — because they will become tomorrow’s big businesses.”

Alain Bénichou
President AmCham FranceGlobal V.P. Strategy & Solutions IBM Global

“With the Mentor” is a podcast series of mentorship sessions with some of the biggest names in corporate business and startups, brought to you by the American Chamber of Commerce in France’s NextGen committee. The host Jason McDonald is a Co-Chair of the NextGen committee and Director of StringCan Europe.

This podcast series is going to allow you to have direct access to some of the biggest names in transatlantic business and our goal is to get beyond the company headlines, cut though the politics and focus on what it takes to be a world-class business leader. If you want to build the next Google or you want to climb the corporate ladder this podcast’s aim is to get into the mindset, attitudes and philosophies of todays business leaders for the benefit of the next generation of leaders.

AmCham NextGen strives to be the link between generations, between large corporations and startups, and between two sides of the Atlantic. Learn more about AmCham and NextGen here.