Welcome to the New Podcast “With a Mentor”

Welcome to “With a Mentor”, a podcast mini-series brought to you by NextGen a committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham).

Have you ever wanted to sit face-to-face with a world class CEO? have coffee with the managing partner of a major venture capitalist firm? or get business advice from a fast growing startup founder? Then this podcast series is for you.

This episode is a short trailer to preview the amazing mentorship sessions we’ve recorded, help explain the role and goals of NextGen and help you understand how you can get the most out of this dynamic series.

“With a Mentor” is an 8 part podcast series made up of mentorship sessions with some of the biggest names in corporate business and startups. Access to our amazing mentors was made possible because we tapped into the vast AmCham network of companies in France and in the U.S. and our NextGen sponsors. More on NextGen to come…

We will be releasing the first episode soon and a new episode will be released every two weeks over the next 16 weeks.

Make sure to hit subscribe on whichever podcast app you use, so the first episode will be delivered to you automatically – you’ll want to do this, trust me. To start off our series I sat down with Alain Benichou – Global Vice President of Strategy and Solutions for a small tech company called IBM – Alain is the former CEO of IBM France who recently moved to New York to take on his new role. Today, he also serves as the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in France. The mentorship session is an energy-filled episode that will have you taking notes the whole time as Alain shares his experience and insights. It’s a really fun, engaging episode.

What’s NextGen? We have a whole page dedicated to this but in short it’s an amazing community of innovators in the corporate and the startup worlds, under 35 with a focus on transatlantic business. We host events, happy hours and roundtables focused on topics that hit close to home. We are supported by amazing sponsors and I can promise you, no matter when you read this, we are planning something awesome – learn more about our upcoming events here.

When we started NextGen this year, one of our major goals was to offer mentorship opportunities to NextGen members – because NextGen is focused on innovation, we decided that setting up one-on-one meetings wasn’t efficient or sellable. This podcast was the answer; it allows us to share these mentorship sessions with an unlimited number of people.  We hope you enjoy this mini-series and it helps you in your career or business.